Sunday, November 27, 2016

I Have Not Been Fabulous.

I have been sick for two weeks...I think it was a combination of sitting in a doctors office for an hour, followed by shopping at multiple stores, (including Ulta, where I was inadvertently sprayed with perfume) combined with weeks of air quality levels in the dangerous zone. My left lung is making so much noise it wakes me up at night.

Despite laying on the sofa all day, I have not been lonely.

Addison made sure I was pampered.

Jessica and the kids left to go back to Florida this morning; they've been here the past 10 days. The highlight of the visit was watching the four part Gilmore Girls special together. We watched the show when Megan and Jessica were teenagers, so it was all very nostalgic.

I put false eyelashes on Addison. Oliver walked in and his jaw dropped. "Whoa! How did Addisons eyelashes get so big?"

Kate put makeup on Oliver and herself.

Jacksons impression of a bear.

The ten minutes I wasn't on the sofa, this happened. Actually, it happens often and is one of the reasons I will probably never get new furniture.

To quote Megan, "I was made for this day!" She made our Thanksgiving feast.

Kates contribution was rice crispy treat drum sticks.

This little girl has my heart.

Lots of funny things happened and were said by the kids, and I want to blog them so I can remember and laugh at them...I just don't have the energy right now.

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Elizabeth said...

Looks like you had fun with your family despite being sick. Hope you are much better now. I'm just catching up on reading blogs!