Thursday, November 03, 2016

Corners of My Home.

Remember when bloggers wrote for enjoyment and would post nonprofessional photos of their homes? I always enjoyed that; I love seeing how people live and decorate. I also enjoy looking back at my own blog and seeing how the five different homes I've lived in these past 14 years, were decorated. One day if I'm feeling really brave...and this day may never come...I will do a video tour of our house, though the thought of talking makes me tense. When I realized it was already November, and I hadn't posted any photos of my fall decor, (which is minimal since I have huge windows and the most beautiful autmn views from them,) I snapped a few photos, horrible bright light and all. As I look at the pictures, there are some things I'd really like to change about the house, like the fireplace surround, and the wall color, but being a's not mine to change. The light fixture is ours, and replaces a plastic faux stained glass fixture.

Here is our entrance; I really like a dedicated entry hall. Because the coat hooks are too high for Oliver, I bought this bear hook, which was originally apple green, for his jacket.

Our living and dining area.


Elizabeth said...

Lovely! Our house is the same with all the windows and the decor becomes all the trees turning colors outside! Looks warm and sunny, like here :)

Linda Sue McKinney said...

very welcoming look - and so many clever decorative touches invite a person to explore and take time. I admire your passion for making a space say something about who y'all are - I'm more a furniture buyer than a decorator!