Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Welcome to Asheville.

I just got back from a trip to the chiropractor, (my back is all twisty) and Marshalls. The parking lot was full and the store packed with very Florida looking and acting, (never make eye contact, never acknowledge people) women and their school aged kids. Their topic of conversation, how bad I95 and I4 are, with everyone evacuating FL. I tried going to the library, and once again encountered a full parking garage. I'm happy we have tourists here, most of them are really nice, and it keeps things interesting. Last night Brewier and I went walking downtown and stopped in Catawba. Brewier had beer, and much to the surprise of the beer backs, I had water. Visiting breweries and going to beer festivals put 15 pounds on me this summer, so no more alcohol until that weight comes off. I was actually quite content with my water since my main reason for going to Catawba is to socialize. Last night we were sitting across from a young couple who just got married. We started talking and found out they were from KY. We talked a little more and discovered the woman, Christy, and I graduated from the same small high school...just 19 years apart.

This morning Megan and I went to Double D's Coffee, for a "Lukes Diner" experience, and free coffee. Did you ever watch Gilmore Girls? Jessica, Megan and I were loyal fans, and today is the shows 16th birthday. The line wasn't as long as I was
afraid it would be, and it was fun standing among other fans, one of who played the Gilmore Girl soundtrack for everyone on her phone.

Yesterday we went apple picking in Hendersonville, with Rachel and Sophie. Oliver and Sophie always walk holding hands; it's like they are staring in their own personal rom-com. Nobody ever prompted them to do this, and it's not something encouraged...they just love each other.

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