Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Life Observations.

As you can see from my previous post, with the photo of my closet, I don't own many clothes, and what I do have are mostly grey, with some black and white thrown in. I thought about trying to add another color to my palette, and without realizing it, I had already started.

Remember that magic makeup removing cloth I bought? I was putting an extra blanket on my bed the other night and realized it is made of the exact fabric, as the makeup cloth. Exact! I bought this king size blanket at Costco for less than $30, and could easliy make 300+ washcloths from it! Tonight I may use a corner of the blanket to test how well it removes my makeup.

I was at Barnes and Noble looking through magazines, and saw this:

As soon as I got home, I pulled these out of my, "donate" bag. I plan to hack them. Whether or not I wear the garment is still questionable.

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Linda Sue McKinney said...

Hmm don't you think what makes the Barnes and Nobles one work is the color palette? while you are MUCH more skilled and artistic than moi - the (what appears on my computer screen) red dress and green sweater might not look similar enough? now remember - dat's my opinion and not a criticism or vote - y'all do what you wanna do! LOL - very cool that you even think of such things and yes ma'am - I like the additional colors you are including - rich and flattering - being a good bit older than you - I find more "color" keeps me from looking like a neutral old lady - again just my viewpoint (sheesh am I tap dancing enough about trying not to offend) I have a tee shirt which says "You know that little thing in your head which keeps you from saying things you shouldn't say? yeah I don't have that" - truth in advertising! Love ya ladybug - you are a bit of sunshine and I love your posts