Monday, September 05, 2016

It's Coming!

I took this picture while on a walk yesterday. Looking out my back windows, I can see the edges of the leaves turning yellow; flowers are drying up, and autumn is on it's way. Another indicator of autumn, is the fall festivals happening all around us. This past weekend was the North Carolina Apple Festival, in Hendersonville. I always look forward to it, because I know I will get to see Renee and David. They grew up in Hendersonville, and seem to know everyone. I like sitting and watching the locals greet and hug one another; lifetime friends. Because I moved every couple of years when growing up, I don't have that, not even with relatives, who are all mostly strangers. Renee has highschool firends who come to the festival and they graciously welcomed me into their group; such lovely ladies. This year we went on Friday, opening day, and my prefered day, becasue the crowd is much smaller, and mostly local. Normally it is beastly hot and sunny, but this year due to the tropical storm in Florida, it was very overcast, windy and cold. Megan had to go purchase sweaters for her and Oliver to wear. We were having such a great time, we didn't leave until 6pm.
Saturday we went back to the festival but only styed 30 minutes. It was so crowded that bodies were pushed together trying to walk through the event...and the fragrance was overwhelming. Had I needed my very expensive Epipen, I wouldn't have had the room to use it. Saturday evening Megan, Oliver and I went downtown for the last Shindig on the Green, of the year. Bluegrass music, square dancing and cloggers, and Okie Dokies BBQ; the heritage of where I live.
Brewier has been in KY for the past three days, so it doesnt really feel like a holiday weekend. We've spent today at the house, Megan working and me meal planning for the whole 30. I plan on starting Sept. 20, and Renee said she would join me. Why wait until then you ask? Brewier and I have tickets to the Brewgrass Festival on the 17th. Beer and BBQ will be connsumed amid throngs of people, and Bluegrass music.

My friend Roonie. We met becasue her mothier-in-law worked for Brewier back in the '90's, in FL, and Roonie homeschooled. She's from Hendersonville too :) I get along well with Hendersonville ladies.

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