Wednesday, August 31, 2016


I pulled out my wood burning tools this afternoon, having every intention of making some Christmas ornaments, but I'm so sensitive to the smoke, that I started coughing and called it quits, but not before letting Oliver have a try. I also played HOURS of Mario Cart with him, (the only video game I've ever played,) and looked up short cuts through the diferent courses, on Youtube.

Melissa messaged me earlier this week, asking if I would teach her how to make scones, she is wanting to bake things to take and share at school. Of course! I love teaching people how to bake! We made blueberry lemon scones and peach pie scones with vanilla glaze. Next time I'm going to teach her how to make coffee cake.

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Linda Sue McKinney said...

yummy scones - fancy biscuits with endless combinations. I had a bed and breakfast for a couple of years and have quite a collection of breakfast/brunch quick breads and love to share the buttery yummies with friends. Great to pass along your baking skills - good for you