Wednesday, August 03, 2016

My Handsome Husband.

I was hoping to have a few more photos before I posted this, but Megan and Oliver are out and I'm spending the day ALONE, catching up on ironing and making plans for Jessica's visit this weekend. Neither of these things make for interesting blogging, so you get Brewier. Because my husband is slim, finding shirts and jackets that fit can be a challenge, except at thrift stores. We have the best luck finding clothes that fit him, except for pants, which when we find a style that fits, we purchase multiple pairs. Five dollar jackets, dollar ties and shirts for $3.75. I love seeing the combinations Brewier puts together. I think he has great style...and he's pretty easy on the eyes.

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Elizabeth said...

Do you guys have H&M? They have very slim cut clothes for great prices. Also J Crew is cut slim. Caitlin's husband is tall and slim, and when he bought his tuxedo from J. Crew for the wedding, there were zero alterations! It fit him like it was made for him.