Wednesday, August 10, 2016

I Got My Nose Pierced...

and woke up the following day with a horrible sinus-y cold. Seriously?! I'm still under the weather, but know if I don't blog now it will never happen. Ray, Jessica and the kids arrived Friday, here for a long weekend. Brewier and I got to spend some time alone with Jessica, so we took her to a couple of breweries, and then on to Empire Tattoo, for my piercing. I wish I had more photos, but I get so busy with kids running around that I forget to take pictures; that and the kids spent most of their time downstairs with fun aunt Megan.

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amyswor said...

Love your little nose ring and knew it would look soO cute on you! No question that you made the right decision to go ahead wanting it for so many years. It nicely defines your face and really suits your pretty nose. You have the perfect nose for a piercing. Suspect everybody tells you it looks very natural on you like you've had it forever. It nicely accentuates your overall feminine appearance, but makes you appear just a bit more sassy.

Am so envious as I'm turning 40 soon and soO afraid what others might think...worry I've missed the window of opportunity. Your nose ring is really looks very cute on you!!! I've always wanted one forever:)