Wednesday, July 27, 2016

So Far This Week.

I had no idea they still made candy cigarettes! I saw these, and Necco Wafers, (my fave as a kid) at Big Lots. I wanted to buy some of each, but knew just like everything else, these would not taste like I remember. I think Oliver would have been horrified to see me with a candy cigarette, or as he calls them, "smoke sticks" in my mouth.

Brewier has a new sous chef coming to work for him tomorrow, and he and his family will be staying in the guest house. Oliver and I have been working to declutter the place; no small task. Oliver did a great job wrapping small glass items, in pages torn from an old phone book. He was rewarded by being allowed to keep any money he found, which was seven cents, or in his five year old mined, a bajillion dollars. He has an R2D2 bank he saves his money in, and I've been giving him five cents everyday he wears his hair parted to the side, rather than parted down the middle, which I'm sure he does just to torment me.

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