Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Lesson Learned.

It's been a busy weekend/week here. Greg arrived Saturday, as did Shirlee, and her kids. Once Greg got his gear unpacked, the two of us headed out to Brewery hop. Our first stop was the recently opened New Belgium Brewery. It's open and airy, with friendly staff and lots of beer choices. Greg and I ordered flights, ( 4-6, four ounce samples of beer,) giving us 8 samples. My favorite was Citradelic, a tangerine IPA.

The guy who took our photo, snapped a selfie.

Our handstamp looked a lot like Greg.

After New Belgium, we drove downtown, to Brewery Mecca. I'd never been to Thirsty Monk, so we decided to give it a try. I was not impressed. It was more of a bar scene that carried a variety of craft beers. Greg and I shared a half pour of a cherry beer, then I ordered a half pour, (8 ounces) of a marion berry beer. When I ordered I didn't realize it was a dark beer, (I usually avoid those) and it wasn't until much later in the afternoon, when my cheeks got tingley that Greg informed me that it had an alcohol content of 11.5%. Whoa.

From Thirsty Monk, we walked to Horse and Hero to check on Megans stock of prints, then around the corner to One World Brewing, which is located in the sub basement of Horse and Hero/Farm Burger. It was dark, cool and quiet; the perfect place to sit for a while. We shared a flight and a big soft pretzel.

This is where my beer tasting adventure should have stopped, because at this point, I had consumed the equivilant of two 16 ounce beers; my limit. ( I had yet to figure out one of those was high alcohol.) But I was having fun being out with my brother, and the beers were spread out over a long period of time, so we walked to Catawba, where Megan met up with us, and where after drinking half a glass of beer , I realized my cheeks were going numb, and Greg informed me of my 11.5% beer choice. (I normally drink a 5% beer.) We decided it would be a good idea to walk next door to Buxton Hall Barbeque, and eat.

If you ever visit Asheville, put this at the top of your places to visit.

Just looking at that photo makes my mouth water.

Once we finished our delicious meal, we walked across town, to where my van was parked, and I wisely asked Greg to drive home. This is where my memory starts to get fuzzy... I should mention I process alcohol very slowly, so the full force of it doesn't hit me until hours later. I remember arriving home and collapsing on the sofa, but thats about it. I fell asleep, woke up and went to bed. Can I tell you I don't like not remebering? It is not fun. SO, always know the alcohol content of what you drink.


GREG PFLUG said...

I love how you just happened to forget dancing on tables.

Erin said...

^^ Lol.