Friday, July 15, 2016

I Believe in Magic.

Yesterday I shared my makeup. This is the other half of my skin care routine. I'm not promoting Juice Beauty; it's incredibly expensive,(Ulta sends me a 20% off coupon during my birthday month, so I stock up,) and the packageing is way overdone, but it's the only product I've found, that doesn't make my face turn red and burn.

That green cloth in the's magic! I had seen a video review on Youtube months ago, and while standing in line at TJMaxx last week, there were a few of these on display, so I grabbed one. I was skeptical that night, as I used only warm water and this cloth to remove my waterproof mascara, and makeup, but DUDE, it works better than any cleasner I've tried. It's like a magic eraser for your face. (Renee and Sarah, you're each getting one for your birthday)

I found a video that demonstrates the magical properties of this washable cloth.

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Elizabeth said...

That's pretty cool! I might have to seek one of those out!