Friday, July 01, 2016

Everybodys Working for the Weekend.

We were expecting Jessica, Ray, and the kids, for the holiday weekend, but Ray, (who was just promoted - yay!) has to work. Instead of visiting us, Addison and Kate will be going to camp, something they are very excited about; it's the same camp Jessica went to. I was pretty bummed when I found out they wouldn't be here, but then Shirlee texted Megan this morning, asking if she and the kids could come for a visit, so that helps with the let down. My brother Greg will also be breezing through for a couple of days. It's nice that I know I will get to see him around this time every year.
I went to the library and got a new stack of books for the week. I wanted to get some Jack Kerouac, but our library has nothing!

I was sitting in my bedroom chair noticing how bare my wall looked. I don't usually see the bed from this angle because mostly I sit in the bed looking out at the amazing view. I know the word amazing is over used, but my view really is amazing. I'm not sure what to put above the bed; I'm always afraid of things falling off in the night. Notice the lovely wall color, (insert vomiting noises.)

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