Monday, July 25, 2016

Everybody Needs a Little Calm.

I spotted this magazine in Barnes and Noble last week,and despite it's $20 price tag, I bought it. It is so much more than a magazine! Coloring pages, craft projects, stickers, prints to frame... so much fun! You can take a peek inside of it here.

Saturday held a lovely surprise, when I got a call from Sara, asking if we could meet her and John at Sierra Nevada. They had driven over from Charlotte to hike in Dupont State Park, and finished the day at the brewery.

We found this chair at an estate sale, and it wiill soon reside in my bedroom, replacing the giant floral number. Oliver however thinks it should stay right where it is, because he can sit in it and see most of the house and out of all the windows, and while I'll never admit it to him, I kind of like it there too.

It is not as comfortable as this box full of stuffed animals. Megan said he could keep the box for two days. It's been two weeks, because he has had so much fun with it. Eventually it will tear...crossing our fingers.

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Vickie said...

I love the way kids see the world! Oliver seems to be one creative interesting boy. He must be a wonder to be around seeing the world through his eyes. Blessed you are!