Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Do I Have to Write Words?

It's so much easier to throw up a bunch of photos. Sunday Megan was a vendor at the Big Crafty, and while she and Brewier sweltered in the sun, Oliver and I lounged in air conditioned glory, playing hour upon hour of Mario Cart. You know how they say males can't multitask? That doesn't apply to Oliver. He steers with one hands, eats with the other, talks and sings, all while watching not just his car, but all the other cars and their power ups. I lose to him every time. He started feeling sorry for me, and would quit playing until he was in last place, then on the last lap, he'd play, and still come in first place.

Oliver and I have been doing family service projects together in the form of cleaning and vacuuming our vehicles. I put him in charge of the detail work, cleaning little spots with a toothbrush. He was also assigned the responsibility of bringing in the bucket, tooth brush and towels, and putting these things away. Last night as I was getting ready for bed, I opened the vanity drawer to grab my toothbrush, and instead of one, there were two, laying side by side. Uh Oh. I chose to use my electric toothbrush, and then this morning questioned Oliver on where he put the scrubbing tooth brush. He did indeed put it in the vanity drawer, clarifying that it cleaned it really good before he did.

Having lived in Florida most of my life, it's hard to break the habit of hiding inside during the summer. I reminded myself the other day to go outside, and pulled some weeds. I showered as soon as I finished, but my skin was itchy the rest of the day. I woke up and was okay, so I went outside to sit, but the sun hitting my skin made it itchy. I think I've become allergic to sunshine, because now, every time I'm in it I start to itch, so I've been spending my days inside reading and playing Mario Cart...and I still lose every game to the kid.

This guy makes the coolest, (and affordable!) industrial lighting. His Etsy shop is, The Clever Raven.

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Vickie said...

Love all your pictures. Oliver sounds like a genius!
I went to The Clever Raven etsy shop. I want the wall lamp
the towel rack the tt holder, just all of it is so awesome!