Sunday, June 26, 2016

Weeekend Shenanigans.

We are in a drought here, and it has been hot; so hot that we are spending most of our days inside enjoying the luxery of air conditioning. Last night there was a nice breeze and we sat outside, taste testing a box of Japanese snacks, sent to Megan by Shirlee. We had to guess at what things were, because all of the packaging is in Janpanese.
Early this morning we went out to the Flea for y'all, with hopes of finding treasures and eating huevos rancheros. Neither of these things happened. Megan did try on this colorful kimono, but $95? Really? The flea market has become pricey and the vendors a bit contrived, so we came home and Brewier sanded and painted my potting bench turned beverage/snack center, while Oliver and I made and filled treat bags for when his cousins are here on the fourth.

And this was Saturdays stunning sunrise, (from my bedroom window) and sunset, (from the deck).

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