Friday, June 24, 2016

Random Things

Last week Megan and I drove to Greenville, SC to go to Costco; it's the closest one to our house. So why do we keep our membership? It's the best/most affordable place to buy cheese, wine/liquor, organic coffee, and white towels. I love their hospitality towels, intended for institutional use. A pack of six fluffy bath towels is $25. A pack of 24 wash cloths are $11. Score.

I get migraines, and have all my life. It starts with my vision disappearing, which people don't understand unless they too have that experience. I saw this on Pinterest, and thought, yeah, thats pretty close.

I was in Horse & Hero, checking on Megans stock and scoping out the jewelery for a possible birthday present. I almost bought this for her just so I could borrow it. I'm glad I waited, because I checked out Cameoko's facebook page, and I saw other pieces that I like even more. I do believe I will start a Christmas list.

I don't just have spectacular sunsets out my bedroom window. This is the sunrise fro a couple of days ago.

Our friends left this morning; we are going to miss them.

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