Monday, June 06, 2016

Megan Went Out of Town and I Abandoned the Internet.

Thursday morning Megan left for the state homeschooling conference in Winston Salem, and I decided to make the three
days she was gone all about having fun with Oliver; his idea of fun is playing at as many parks as we can, and with coffee to fuel me, that's what we did. Unfortunately he took a bad tumble at our third park, bashing the bridge of his nose, and his cheek on the edge of a slide. We came home and he spent the afternoon snuggled on the sofa, watching Octonauts on Netflix, and drinking special drinks, (seltzer water and blackberry juice.)
Saturday was Oliver's soccer game, and because there are so many fragranced people, that I get sick even though we are in a big open field, Brewier took him to the game and I was forced to hang out at the Bee Hive and visit with Sophie.Yes, the sacrifices I make...
Sunday I invited some friends over for brunch, and they stayed until 5:30, so I was one happy camper; you know how I love having a house full of people. The next gathering will be in July, and will be a cocktail party.

The pink slippers Oliver is holding...he found them in Marshalls, and explained to me how he REALLY needed them, and they would keep his feet toasty warm in the winter. On clearance for $3, I bought them, but told him he has to clean, and vacuum my car to earn them. He's jazzed.

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Vickie said...

You look good and like you're having a great time! Glad to see it.
Sorry Oliver got hurt. Where did you get that blanket Oliver is using
it's so pretty.