Sunday, June 19, 2016

It's Been a Busy Week.

Renee was driving up from FL, for a wedding in NC, and made a special stop at my house to give me one of her fabulous haircuts. Only it wasn't that simple. She, David and Eva, had spent the night in Charleston and had been on the road less than an hour, when their rental broke down. They sat by the side of the road until they could get a replacement car, then got back on the road, headed for my house. Things went pretty well until they hit the Asheville area. Since making all the list as one of the top places, to live and visit, our roads have become a nightmare of traffic, and they got stuck in it. By the time they reached my house, it was time to pick Livi up from the Asheville airport; an exit they had passed 30 minutes earlier. Renee and Eva stayed at the house, (Oliver had bee asking when Eva would be here since the time he woke up,) while David got back in the car and headed towards the airport. So yeah, it's a pretty special haircut, from my sweet friend.

Thursday afternoon was putt-putt golf, at the library. I was surprised at how many kids were just dropped off, no parents around. Anyone could have walked in there and taken a child.

Friday Morning Megan, Oliver, and I, got up early, to drive to Pisgah National Foresst, to see Gator and Melissa at Boy Scout camp. The bears in our area are very smart and know the trash pick up schedule. These two were hanging out across from our house; no noisy truck was going to scare them away.

It took us about an hour to get to camp; the place is beautiful. Oliver was in his element, running around with 800+ boys. Being around these young men gave me hope for the future. They were well mannered and polite, and despite Oliver being only five, they treated him like any other camper. I was excited to see Melissa, it's been years since we've visited. Before we left camp, Gator asked if he could come visit me instead of going back to FL, so he is at my house through Wednesday. We are so happy to have him here, and Oliver is bouncing off the walls. (Trying to blog while the boys are running around me is proving difficult.)

Tomorrow Monica nad her three kiddos arrive for the week. Yay! A house full of people!

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Vickie said...

I can't believe that people leave their kids like that!
That boy scout camp looks awesome! I bet Oliver loved it! S
uch a pretty setting.