Monday, June 27, 2016

It Was Like a Waterfall.

Last week, Monica and I were standing in the kitchen, when the cabinet shelf that held all my paper thin, vintage crystal champagne glasses, wine glasses, party dishes and glassware, decided to collapse, and send everything shooting out of the cabinet and onto the floor. The sound was deafening and we just stood there with our mouths open, unable to move. I'm really thankful the kids were all downstairs, and nobody got hurt...surprising considering our proximity to the shattering glassware; so much fell and it was scattered through the kitchen, dining room and living room. I now have two Trader Joe bags full of shards of sadness.
This is just a small bit of the mess.


Just Me said...

Very thankful no one was hurt. Sad to lose your crystal, though. We had a glass table break and the teeny tiny pieces were so difficult to pick up and kept finding little pieces for quite some time. Watch your feet!

I feel very sorry for you having to clean this up.


Elizabeth said...

Well that blows!!! I know the feeling :( Now comes all the fine glass lurking in cracks for bare feet. So sorry for you.