Thursday, June 30, 2016

And Now There Are Two

I've wanted a second Emerson Shelf, from the moment I recieved my first one; I really like the look. A couple of months ago World Market had a sale, and along with a coupon and reward points, we purchased a second shelf at a really good price; even the cashier was surprised. After spending the past two months in the sun during the day, and in the garage at night, the varnish smell has disipated, and the shelf is where it belongs. I haven't styled it yet, it's holding things I had to put out of reach from small children, and there is a huge mirror being stored behind the shelves, reflecting the back of the sofa. The exercise's been sitting there since December. I thought if I saw it on a daily basis, I would be motivated to use it. Haha, what was I thinking?

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