Tuesday, May 31, 2016

It Was a Great Weekend...

and I talked to lots of people, because when I'm not chemically poisoned, I'm a normal person. Saturday was the Beer City Festival. We had so much fun last year, and were really looking forward to the event this year. While we did have fun, the event has really changed. Four to five times as many tickets had been sold, and the lines to get a small sample of beer were l-o-n-g. We talked with other people who have attended in previous years and we all came to the same conclusion, the Beer City Festival people have become greedy, and really oversold the event.
Sunday was the first vintage flea market of the season, and we had a great time. The event space is down by the river, and it's really beautiful. Megan bought me a big letter "T" that used to be part of a sign on a building. When we got home I took out the neon light, and retrofitted it with Christmas lights that I could plug in. I love it! Brewier wears hats, and found a new one for his collection; Oliver got an old industrial chair, that will be his official school chair in the fall.
Brewier spent Monday painting. Our kitchen was the same mustard gold as in our previous house, and I'm so happy to have it gone. He painted the guest bath too. So. Much. Better. While he toiled away, Oliver, Megan and I sat on the back deck, sipping fancy drinks, and marveling at our incredible view.


Elizabeth said...

Love the picture of Brewier and Oliver. The kitchen looks fresh now and I love the grey in the bathroom! Cool letter T :)

Monica Ritchie said...

Your grays are amazing, as usual.