Thursday, May 19, 2016

I Had an Epiphany!

It came about while shopping for my summer wardrobe. That sentence sounds much grander than the reality, as my summer wardrobe consists of a few new shirts, a new bag and a pair of sandals. Notice the lack of bottoms? That's where my epiphany comes into play. All my life, no matter what my weight, I have felt fat; nothing fits properly. You know why? I'M AN APPLE SHAPE. My middle has always been bigger than my hips, pants don't fit no matter what the scale says. A few years ago Sarah suggested I shop in the maternity section for jeans and shorts, but I thought, "Maybe if I loose some weight I can find jeans that fit." That will never happen, so today when Megan made the same suggestion, I thought, "Next time I' at TJMax, I'm hitting up the maternity section." Here are my purchases for summer, all from TJMax. (No, I'm not endorsing the store, it just happens to be one of the few places I can shop.)

This spring I've been living in these grey jeans that Sarah gave me, and my converse.

I bought two SLEEVELESS shirts. I've never worn sleeveless, not even when I was a buff weight lifter, but hot flashes have a way of making you say, "What the hell, let my arms jiggle in public, even if it does scare people."

Two t-shirts, the white one, a hand me down form Sarah, which I love; the other one a heathered grey linen.

Notice how all these shirts are cut to float away from the problem area? Epiphany.

Two light weigh linen sweaters. The one on the left goes to my ankles, and the one of the right is a hoodie.

My mothers day gift from Megan. It was made by a local artist, and I love it so much; it goes with everything.

My favorite scarves.

This morning my hair decided to make itself into a mohawk, making me think, "Hmm, I think I might like it cut so it always does this."

Wow, that morning light is harsh...somebody needs to hydrate.

So, notice how colorless my wardrobe is? I can't help it. I've always loved neutrals for myself and my home, so I'm going with it.

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