Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Going Old School

Before FB, blogs gave you a peek into the daily life of ordinary people, which I find fascinating. I enjoy seeing how people live; the patterns and activities of everyday life. Then came social media, and instead of blogging, people would post snippets of what they were doing. Not as interesting. Currently, during a 24 hour period on FB, I see 10-15 updates from people, and loads of ads and promoted posts; very boring. I'm taking my blog back ten years, and am going to post like I used to. What I do and see on a daily basis, and try to make it more personal again; I've always felt more connected to people through my blog, than social media.
Monday, while having my, "Pajama monday," video chat with Renee, we discussed how my hair, which was curling out on either side of my head, bore a strong resemblance to Bozo. The only thing separating me from the clown was hair color. I have nobody here to cut my hair, and I won't be going to Florida anytime soon, so I asked Renee for help. She suggested cutting it all at a three inch length, so I got a pair of scissors, and as Oliver watched with a slightly horrified look on his face, thats what I did, except for my bangs, which may be a bit on the short side.

This is my new hair cut, and because I'm not wearing makeup and want to hide my dark circles, my new sunglasses. Notice my red nails? Did that too while I was resting.

This is my other new purchase. Back in the fall my brother Ken, went to a local leather shop to have a pair of sandals custom made. While he was being measured, I was looking at the display of leather cuffs. Each was different, and this one caught my eye; I really loved it but didn't want to drop $20 for it. I was walking by the shop last week, and there in the window was the cuff of my dreams, and I bought it.

These are the books I'm reading this week. When I finish this blog post, I'm going to look aat the pages Oliver has marked in the craft book, and pick a project for us to do today.


Amy said...

I'm with you Tricia. My MacBook died, probably three years ago, and I have been struggling to post from my phone and iPad (first world problems!). I got a new MacBook for my birthday on Sunday, so I am going to get back into blogging. Also, I have now reserved After You, thanks for the reminder!

Elizabeth said...

I'm trying my best to blog old school too, like I said in my last comment. I feel as if I have lost touch with people with the other forms of social media. I feel a bit connected with IG, but not like this. Haircut looks pretty snazzy!

Darlene Sherwood said...

I love this post. And I LOVE your hair! ❤️

Jennifer Johnson said...

Im right there with ya! Blog away !!!!!