Tuesday, April 12, 2016


This morning while doing dishes, I spent 30 seconds trying to wash a red stain off a soup ladle, before realizing it was a reflection of my red shirt.

My hair is sad. It hasn't been cut since January, so I took matters scissors into my own hands. Now it looks sad and style free. This guy looks cute even while rocking the bedhead.

Rainy morning breakfast.

Green is the color of the day.

Teaching Oliver important fire starting skills.

Wanderlust. I still have it, and the pacific northwest still has a pull on me, as does California.


Elizabeth said...

i too have not cut my hair since January and it is so long and lifeless hahahah. Would love to see you in California ;) That is too funny with the spot you were trying to get off your ladle hahah.

Vickie said...

Oliver is so cute! Wanderlust... I have it too in a major way and I've always wanted to go to the Pacific NW. Maybe someday we'll get a trailer and be able to do that dream trip!