Monday, April 11, 2016

Our Weekends Look LIke This.

Last weekend Brewier had a meeting in Maggie Valley, and I went along for the ride, and the opportunity to check out a couple of Breweries in Waynesville, a nearby town. Our first stop was on Main St at Boojum. They not only make delicious beer, but their food is excellent; the best shrimp and grits I ever tasted. We then went to Bearwaters Brewing Company, located in what looks like a warehouse/storage unit complex. The atmosphere was great; laid back and friendly, and the beer was really good.

This weekend we visited Twin Leaf Brewery on the south slope in Asheville. Service was friendly, but the place was full of loud college aged students, some drunk, one passed out...not our scene, but I want to try every Brewery in our area, and now I can check this one off the list. We didn't even finish our beer, but left and walked to Catawba.

Melissa and Zach came over for brunch yesterday. Zach is one of Olivers most favorite people; he put on a green shirt so they would match.


The Biltmore is beautiful and in full bloom. We did a drive through to see the gardens; there are so many people visiting that the ride is not unlike being on I-4 at rush hour, only with a prettier view.

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Elizabeth said...

Fun looking weekend! Ahhhh those blooms, so pretty!!