Thursday, April 07, 2016

My Halloween Kitchen

I can't seem to escape mustard yellow walls. Our previous house had them, and nearly every house we viewed on Craigslist, will house hunting had them. What gives? Our landlord to gave us the okay to paint the kitchen, and initially I was going to paint it the same grey as our last kitchen, but this house gets light from the north, which has a very blue cast, so even warm greys appear blue. So what do I put with 1980's, orange, builder grade oak cabinets, and black/green granite?
White. I've had samples taped up for a couple of weeks now, and I pretty sure I'm going with Sherwin Williams, Natural Choice. It looks white on my walls, but is really more of a beige.
I'm showing you pictures of my dirty, unstaged kitchen, and it's lack of cabinetry and storage. After having high end, cooks kitchens, this one is a challenge. Small cabinets, only three drawers, and instead of putting a cabinet in when he extended the counter top with granite, our landlord put in book shelves. On a possitive note, the work space functions beautifully, and our landlord is in the process of replacing all of the 1980's appliances with very nice stainless steel ones.

There was a non functioning trash compactor under this counter top, which we took out. I bought a cart from Ikea, thinking I could use it as storage. It quickly became a beverage cart...we have a bit of a LaCroix addiction.

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Elizabeth said...

I like the white choice you made. I think it will tone down the cabinets and work well with that green and black. If you want to cover the shelves, maybe a wire tension rod of sorts with some linen fabric? Or is it more handy to just have it open? I really do not get the yellow walls! It's a well known fact in color theory that yellow elicits anger in people, and is not calming at all. I think the cabinets will look less orange with the white paint too. Can't wait to see :)