Wednesday, April 06, 2016

I Wasn't that Depressed.

My last post made it sound like I was really feeling down, in truth, I'm pretty happy, its just that I always have the sadness of missing my friends, with me.
I'm still working on apartments at the retirement community, and yesterday I met with one of the residents, to help her pick out new curtains and bedding for her apartment. We spent an hour and a half on the computer looking at different choices, and then placed an order, that would be delivered to her in a week. She was blown away by the technology and ease of shopping online.
Sunday Brewier and I spent the day transforming the facilities sunroom, back into a sunroom. The previous administrator had taken out the furniture and put up a waterfall, statuary, and loads of tchotchkies. Brewier had the room cleaned out, and we went to Big Lots, where everythng was 20% for the day, and bought patio furniture, and potted plants. The residents are so happy to have a place to gather.
What I haven't shared on the blog is that 2 months ago, I was depressed and frustrated, and prayed that the Lord would provide me with a volunteer oppertunity to help people who couldn't afford a decorator, decorate and organize their homes, and that I would be able to breathe when I went into their homes. I'm so happy to now be helping these maiden missionary ladies with their homes.
This past week I worked on our home a bit, and am feeling much more comfortable now that I have rearranged the living room. The hand forged mantel brackets I ordered on Etsy came in, and Brewier and I bought a piece of salvaged wood, and now I have a mantel I love. I picked up a couple of lanterns at the Big Lots sale, ($16 each!) and the oil painting Megan bought at an estate sale.

This is the before. This house was built in the '80's and there has never been a mantel! I'm not a fan of the green paint, but at least it isn't yellow or gold.

The lanterns came with the electric candles.

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Elizabeth said...

Looks great Tricia! I like your volunteer work at retirement community. In high school I helped out at at rest home and found it very rewarding. I can't remember if I told you this or not, so my apologies if I'm repeating myself. The director of the facility was Tom Hanks mom! My mom was the activities leader. I loved going into the patients rooms that couldn't do anything in the main room and chat with them. Loved hearing their life stories. It would be so fun to do what you are doing!