Wednesday, March 23, 2016

There is No Leather in China.

I've been on the hunt for a new handbag, and wasn't thrilled with the choices at my local stores. Having shopped on Ebay since it's birth, and having bought used leather goods on the site without problem, I thought I'd try shopping there. I typed in genuine leather handbag, and got hundreds of results for new handbags from China. I read through the descriptions of the bags, and many contradicted themselves switching back and forth between, "leather," and "vegan leather," more commonly known as earth destroying vinyl. I chose two different bags, both saying that they were genuine leather.

Yes, I was that naive. Bag #1 arrived, obviously not leather, and in a dark brown color. I emailed back and forth with the seller, who wanted me to pay to ship it back to China, and eventually had ebay step in to refund my money.
The second bag arrived, and Brewier questioned, "You bought a vinyl bag?" Yep, even he can tell its plastic. Not only plastic, but it has globs of glue all over it. I just emailed the seller about a refund.
As Megan so wisely voiced, "There is no leather in China.
Lesson learned.

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Linda Sue McKinney said...

yeah I've been having fabulous good fortune buying purses on Amazon - their Today's deals and also stalking the Today show's Steals and Deals - admittedly paying almost 70 dollars but for a 200 leather purse - it is worth it to me. I have begun checking on "organic" products I buy to make sure it isn't produced in China - just don't have a good feeling about their definitions of terms!