Thursday, March 03, 2016

The Perfect Day

Brewier had wanted to take me to Sunday brunch at the Biltmore for our Anniversary, but I was sick, plus it was Valentines Day, meaning even more perfume than normal. Sunday, he mentioned going again, but I declined. I'm not a big eater, have multiple food allergies, and again, so many perfumed people. Instead we went to the Inn at Biltmore, to the library lounge. I'd been wanting to eat there since we visited the hotel in the fall, and because most people were at brunch, the place was empty. We had an intimate window table, with a great view, delicious food, and a creme brulee trio for dessert.
Later in the afternoon, we went to Yoga at the Beehive, where Rachel is graciously doing a class just for me. It felt so good to stretch, though I was surprised how much I felt it the next day; I used to be limber without trying. Now, not so much.

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Elizabeth said...

Happy anniversary! So odd that the restaurants there have so many people wearing so much perfume. I rarely encounter people slathered in perfume in our area, so much so that when it does happen, you go" what the heck!" I totally get it though, because it is the most obnoxious thing to encounter when you are trying to eat.