Thursday, March 31, 2016

It's a Snooze Fest.

That's how I feel about my blog lately.
I have zero energy today, which reminded me of how I constantly felt living in Florida, so I went back to my blog archives, and read April of 2006-2008. Despite being very sick, and house bound most of the time, I found my blog much more interesting and entertaining. It also made me meloncholy. I miss the beach and tropical landscape, and oh how I miss my nephews, Sam and Gator. I miss my lanai, even though it got to the point I couldn't sit outside because of all the pesticide spraying, and I miss the quirkiness of Orlando. Even though Asheville-ians are considered weird, they don't hold a candle to the folks in Florida, and yard sales...Orlando had the best yard sales, and curbside shopping. Mostly, I miss my people; friends dropping by for tea, or after work for wine. Family coming over for dinner, or stopping by on their way to Costco. Do I want to move back to Florida? No. I would most likly be dead within a year, no joke. I love Asheville and the mountains, but I'd love it more if I could have a close friend or two, living here.

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Elizabeth said...

Blog land, especially our type, are a dying breed sadly. I only do mine now to document things like celebrations, Etsy shop, and the passing seasons. Sometime I feel like I do nothing important at all, but when you start to look back, you see that in a course of a year, you did do things, and your life is beautiful. So I trudge on, not for readers, but for me and for my family to look back. We have solved so many quandaries as to when we did something, by just going on my blog! I still love the personal ones, and not ones where people are plugging things constantly or when they are too professionally photographed.