Wednesday, March 16, 2016

I'm a Spring Chicken.

I've spent the past few weeks, redecorating rooms at the retirement comuunity Brewier works at. Besides having a ball changing up the rooms, I've really enjoyed getting to know a handfl of the residents. Most of them are women, and former missionaries. All of them are in their late 80's to early 90's, and like to tell me how young and energetic I am. They also initially thought I was Brewiers daughter, something that hasn't hapened for about 20 years. This has helped me change my perpective on aging, as a good portion of my friends are younger than me, leaving me feel a bit outdated. Being around these lovely older women has made me realize I how young I am.
Oliver loves going to visit these ladies, and thankfully they all enjoy having him around. I like the fact he is comfortable around the aged, and isn't put off by wheel chairs and walkers.

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Just Me said...

One word you will never be is "out dated"...I think that is entirely impossible.

I love this blog post and that those wonderful residents are getting to know you all and you them.
I imagine that Oliver is quite a hit with them.

Eric's dad will be 95 at the end of the month and they are closing his assisted care home so he will be moving next door to us in a nursing home. About half a block walk for us. There is a brand new assisted care complex right next door to the nursing home. It is lovely so I told Eric we should move in as they would feed us 3 times a day and they have coffee/tea and little goodies 24 hours a day. My kind of place :-)

Oliver looks like a giant cocoon in that picture. So cute! .