Thursday, February 18, 2016


Why did my Dr tell me to live at 3000 ft or higher? Because of my enviormental illness and asthma; less toxins at that elevation.

Why am I returning the espresso machine that I have wanted for so long? Because it's a piece of $600 crap. Previous Amazon reviews, and youtube videos, raved about the machine, and it does have alot of great features...if it actually worked. I spent all morning, and $10 worth of espresso beans, trying to pull a decent shot. The machine would not get up to pressure, no matter how much I adjusted the grind and weight, and the steam wand spit water. I got online and found others who were having this same problem, and the Amazon reviews from this January, were less than glowing.

Why am I having so much trouble getting back to the Whole 30 eating plan? Because I live in a foodie town, with awesome breweries.

Why are so many of the tourists that come to Asheville, so rude, pushy,and over fragranced...and horrible drivers?


Elizabeth said...

Ok, I'm going to put my two cents in here. I had a really good espresso machine while living on Europe, and it was still always a hit or miss with the quality. A French friend told me to just get a nespresso machine and call it a day. I swore I wouldn't because I wanted to have the coffee I liked etc. And part of my wanted to play barista. Well, when I moved back to the States, I ended up getting a Nespresso machine, and I never looked back. If you have the aerochino(milk warmer/frother) that goes with the nespresso machine you can create the BEST drinks. I have even used almond milk in the aerochino too. So, not only do you get the perfect shot of espresso each time ( because of the 19 bars of pressure) you get beautiful foamed hot milk to make all the drinks your heart desires. The coffee in the pods are really, really good, and not at all like Keurig or the like. If Asheville is like Walnut Creek, they may even put in a nespresso boutique where you can get the pods now, instead of ordering them. BUT if you do order them, they are on your door step lightening fast! Go to a Williams Sonoma and have them demo it for you. Mine is 6 years old and still works like a champ. Having written all of this, now I want to go make myself a cup! hahah
I'm having trouble getting back to the gym and coming up with all kind of excuses. My house is extra clean right now, because I keep telling myself that if I vigorously clean it will make up for not going hahaha. The whole Bay Area is foodie heaven, and I'm constantly living and breathing amazing food. Super tough to be good for sure, so I feel your pain.

Just Me said...

Living in Asheville with all the neat cafes I think I would take the $600.00 and let someone else make me the perfect cup of coffee. :-) Although, that machine sure was pretty to gaze upon.

"Why are so many of the tourists that come to Asheville, so rude, pushy,and over fragranced...and horrible drivers?"

on the same thought:

Why are so many of the tourists that come to ORLANDO, so rude, pushy,and over fragranced...and horrible drivers?

Getting from HwY 27 to Winter Park is like playing dodge cars the whole way.

About fragrances......nothing ruins a good meal out like some over-perfumed-applied-woman getting seated at the table next to you. Zing goes the headache. :-(

khfrost said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you didn't like your Brevell. It took us several times to figure out how to get the grind coordinated with the pressure. We found that it helped to heat the components. If you want to try it one more time I'm happy to walk you through how to use it. Let me know, unless you've already given up on it. You do live in a wonderful area that has a gazillion coffee bars to choose from, you might enjoy that better. Glad you're able to live where you are and live your dream.