Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Ice Ice Baby.

So Cold! Too cold to go out for coffee, too cold to organize my art suppies, and the wind has been ferocious. I've been drinking massive amounts of tea, snuggled on the sofa reading, "Me Before You." Oliver sat in the small sliver of sun that shines into our house, and played with lentils and his cupcake baking set. I showed him how to use a stencil to make a powdered sugar design on his brownie, and that pretty much rocked his world.

I pulled out my books on making and altering books, and hope to get started on some new projects. Asheville has a book shop with workshops on binding and letter press. I'd love to be able to take classes there.

For anyone wodering what I was wearing under my vintage coat; these are my fancy socks.

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