Thursday, February 04, 2016

Florida is great...for a week.

I'm really thankful I'm able to visit Fl, pretty much anytime I want. I'm even more thankful I don't live there. After a week,I start to feel sick, have trouble breathing, my face starts to get puffy, and I can never sleep for more than four hours a night...not fun. What was fun, was visiting, and shopping with Darlene, Sarah and Renee, going to my moms Mardis Gras party, and a trip to the beach with Sarah and Ethan. I also got to go back and see Jessica and the kids, before hitting the road for our trip back to NC.

The day was overcast, and the temperatures chilly, which is the perfect weather for Sarah and I to go to the beach. As we walked along the coast line, half a dozen dolphin swam parallel to us. On the way home we stopped at Frozen Gold for ice cream, a tradition for any Floridian that visits New Smyrna beach.

After the beach we went to Sarahs, and sat on her bed with coffee and fashion magazines, (our tradition,) and then purged her closet.

My brother Ken flew to Orlando for my moms party; it's always great have the family together.

Renee gave me a fantastic haircut. It started out as an asymmetrical cut, which I LOVED, and kept for several hours.

But then I started thinking about growing it out here in NC, with out her stylist skills to help me out, so I had her even up the cut, which I love.

The grandchildren were surprised and happy to see us for a second time.

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