Tuesday, February 16, 2016

10 Degrees

That's the temperature difference between where we live and downtown, which is four miles all downhill. We dressed to go out for the day, layering on our sweaters, coats and scarves, and as se descended the mountain, it got sunny, warmer, and we quickly shed our layers. Megan took Oliver to Mountain Play Lodge, and I went to my favorite shopping destination, Goodwill. An hour later I picked up the kids and we went to buy some coffee beans, so I can start playing with my espresso maker. Instead of drinking coffee, we sampled beer that a customer makes. It was very good.

We did some grocery shopping, and I spied this at Trader Joes. Im intrigued.

Because we were out all day, and only had a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, this was our 4pm lunch. I'll go back on the whole 30 tomorrow...I say that everyday.

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