Sunday, January 03, 2016

Tomorrow. For Real.

I'm talking about the Whole 30. I was much more disciplined the first time I went on it, this time I keep putting it off until all the fun food is out of the house. Tonight we are feasting on all the forbidden food, and I say we because the whole family is going to be eating clean with me. So yeah, tomorrow.
Today I took down, and put away all the Christmas decorations, making our new home look sad and just moved into. I kept up the twinkle lights in the windows, because really....they should be left up all year.
Now that I live on top of a mountain, I can get 11 channels with our antenna, one of which is PBS. Tonight, I'm watching Downton Abbey!
New Years Eve, Brewier and I went on a date to Wicked Weed, then New Years Day, We went to Catawba, to have a beer with Sophie, Rachel, and Megan. I think I'm good on beer until the spring.

And this; Russian Tea. I used to love and drink this when I was a kid. Ever tried it?

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Linda Sue McKinney said...

absolutely on the Russian Tea - I think my Mom used Constant Comment tea and tang but general concept and tangy orangey taste still on my tastebuds at the mention
Good on you about getting back on the clean eating horse - I am not good once I fall off wagon I tend to lay there justifying my situation!