Wednesday, January 06, 2016


I sat for awhile and skipped around the internet. I found:

This dream birthday party, HERE.

My friend Jane, is a talented photographer who takes stunning photos of Vancouver. HERE

I was reading an article on the best coffee houses in every state, and when I saw this pic I had an immediate emotional response to it. I love the wall color and the rustic shelves, with greenery and silver accents, and all those smiling people, I thought, "I want to be there." I want my house to look like this. And red. I will always love red.

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Linda Sue McKinney said...

all that wine at the child's birthday party - gotta figure those were happy parents taking home their little darlings all sugared up! LOL - incredible decorations and colors -
yes I find a variety of "stuff I like" on the internet - unfortunately I have my credit card out and just ordered a LOT of clothes - being a total Eileen Fisher addict - the words Eileen Fisher and clearance sale absolutely blow my control!