Tuesday, January 05, 2016

State of the House.

I haven't done much this week as so much of my focus and time are going to planning and preparing Whole 30 meals for the family. After one day of unprocessed eating, we saw a HUGE change in Oliver's disposition; he is so happy and energetic!
One of the challenges I'm having with this house, is where to store our five gallon jugs of water. We get a delivery of eight jugs every two weeks, and I have no idea where to store them. I tried storing them on the little porch, just outside the kitchen, but last night when Brewier went out to get us a fresh jug, they were frozen. Not just ice on top, but frozen. We hauled them all inside to the dining room, to keep them from splitting open. Oh, and speaking of the kitchen, note the exact same shade of paint, "dried mustard" that my previous kitchen had. Thankfully our landlord has okayed us painting. Our previous landlords liked the grey color I painted their house, and plan on keeping it:)

My happy spot.


Elizabeth said...

Can you store the rest of the water in the garage? Or maybe put a couple in multiple closets? I really wanted to have water delivered too, since our water is not great. Filled with lots of calcium and just not great tasting. Our kitchen is too tiny to have a standing water dispenser sadly, and the water is so hard it blew out my Zero pitcher in a week or so! Now we are using the filtration system in the new fridge and replacing the filter sooner than it says. The landlords put all new copper plumbing so at least we don't have creepy galvanized old pipes.

The house looks like it is coming together, and already has a cozy feel to it :) I love your shelving in the last pic :)

Linda Sue McKinney said...

we are in the midst of having our entire house interior repainted - using a dove grey as base color - going to have kitchen and smaller guest bathroom different but still - the palette based on that warmer grey. Loving the change in feel of this somewhat dark house - lots of big spaces but not so many windows. You'll begin to work your style magic on this one and eager to see how it looks as you do! No suggestions about water bottles - I'm a Texan and keeping things from freezing is not a normal issue for ue - hooray! Not a fan of cold weather here
Oh the color being covered over in our house - living areas - mostly a bad green shade but one room a blood red! yes - the mood of the house had to change!