Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Instead of Blogging...

I've been doing stuff. Last Wednesday Oliver turned five. This is the only photo I have.

Thursday, Brewier turned 65. That just sounds weird to me. We celebrated by meeting up with friends at Catawba Brewery.

After the party broke up, we went to Pour, to visit Kelly while she worked, she is hilarious; it's hard to get a photo of her not make a goofy face.

While there, I discovered the most magical, delicious beverage. Kombucha beer.

We awoke the next morning to snow, and it continued snowing for two days. We got between 14-18 inches. Its hard to tell exactly, because it's so windy where we are.

We have the perfect yard for sledding, and spent hours outside flying down the hill.

We had such a fun time being snowed in, but Sunday, when they started plowing the roads, and we could escape our house, Brewier and I got in the car and drove to Florida.

My view from Darlene's sofa. She has a beautiful yard.

I visited my mom and helped her put up Mardi Gras decorations.

We drove to the west coast to spend the day with Jessica and the kids. More accurately, Brewier spent the day with the kids, while Jessica and I shopped and drank coffee.

It was a perfect 75 degrees.

Today Darlene and I went to Lineage for coffee, then to Starbucks for more coffee, shopped Costco, and stopped by to see Sarah at work. We were going to meet the guys at Hotdog Heaven for lunch, but it's closed for the week. Can you see my tears of sadness? We settled for fried shrimp from Boston's, which isn't really settling at all.

This is the Eye of Orlando, taken from I-4 going 60 mph.

Tomorrow, I'm spending the day with Renee, and getting a haircut!

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