Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Dreaming of New Furniture.

I've spent the past two days trying to make a slip cover for my 1998 floral chair. I've jabbed myself repeatedly with pins, sewn and ripped out seams, over and over, but the breaking point came when I stabbed my thumb with the seam ripper, and hit bone. I quit. It looks like I will be living with my floral chairs and sofa forever. I want to be like normal people and buy furniture I like. Yeah, I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself, (my fingers and thumb hurt so bad I cried,) and I know its silly and shallow, but...

My dream sofa is on sale for just under $1000.

It looks just like this one, that is $2700.

I would pair it with two of these chairs from Ethan Allen, in Boone Grey.

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Brewier Welch said...

Is it used and already outgassed?