Tuesday, December 08, 2015

The One Where I Impart Wisdom

When you have the flu and can only sleep sporadically, it helps to have Amazon Prime. I highly recommend, The Man in the High Castle, (can't wait for the second season) and, The Newsroom.

Packing and preparing for a garage sale in the dead of winter is made easier when you daughter makes you a Cosmopolitan, and orders Farm Burger, from Valet Gourmet. I <3 valet Gourmet. (Just don't drink and Prime.)

Free Bird, by Lynrd Skynrd never gets old. (after a drink I always want to listen to music from my high school days.)

After attending the Big Crafty last weekend, Brewier and I once again have reaffirmed that we live in the most perfect city for us. The people, the art...fabulous.

Don't dis ugly shoes. I have always thought Uggs were butt ugly...couldn't understand their appeal, especially at $100 + dollars. I got this like new pair at a garage sale for $3. I love them. They are comfortable and so warm; they will however never see the outside of my house.

Sometimes you have to give the finger to the whole 30 and eat mexican.

Randomly meeting blog readers/facebook friends for the first time, Makes. My. day.

We were at a flea market Saturday, and this woman was spinning wool. I laughed so hard, because to me, it looked like she was spinning her dogs fur.

These two make me happy.

This is a shop in downtown Asheville. Brewier thought it was the best.

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