Thursday, December 17, 2015

My Christmas List...and Why I will Get Nothing on It.

I like expensive things, and would rather get nothing for a couple of years, until money is saved for what I want, rather than have money on things that are, "Meh."

Intellibed. I don't have a picture, but its a nontoxic bed that runs $4000, for a queen size, and would last me until I die.

These wine glasses from Nordstrom. Four for $36.

A few of these turkish bath towels. $14.90 each, found on Etsy.

This rug. $500

And no Christmas is complete without this on my list. $600

And lets just add a new sofa and chairs to the list. Non floral please, and made in this century.

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September said...

I hear you! My never going to happen Xmas gift is a $6900 Tiffany T bracelet. It's luscious!