Friday, December 04, 2015

It's My Party and I'll Whine If I Want To.

I should be decorating the house, baking Christmas goodies, and making crafts with Oliver. Instead I am packing boxes, while coughing up a lung. SO. Many Boxes. Moving two weeks before Christmas was not my idea; I was happy with our January first moving date. Now, I am bitter. Oliver has been calling me grouchy face. Screw the Whole 30, I want wine and potato chips, and a turkey sandwich, on soft whole grain bread...and popcorn and prossecco, and some Florida friends to share them with.


Elizabeth said...

Here is a big virtual giant hug from me XX You know I know how you feel about now :( The only thing that can keep you going is that you found such a lovely home and it will be so worth it once you are in. I swore next time I move, I think I'm splurging for the whole shebang! As in hiring others to pack all my crap up! We did this when we moved to France and when we moved back. It was great! I hope you start to feel better as well, that can't be fun :(

September said...

Aww, it does sound lousy and exhausting. I would want to treat myself too. Hope you have a good day and make lots of progress.