Monday, December 14, 2015


My house looks like this.

We get the keys to our new home tomorrow, and our van is packed to the roof, with the most important things, which in this case is our Christmas tree and decorations. Yes, at 7:30am we will be decorating our empty house. The movers come Friday, to haul all of our furniture and as many boxes as they can squeeze onto the truck.

I'm eating everything NOT on the Whole 30. I can't even imagine trying to eat properly with everything thats going on. The down side of this is that I'm putting weight on and look pregnant.

I'm wearing a tank top and my windows are open. In December. In the Mountains. It's 70 degrees out; crazy.

We had a garage sale Saturday and got rid of so much stuff. I put an ad on Craigslist telling people to come take whatever was left over; by the next morning all that was left were a few books and some clothes. The hand me down, temporary, blue chairs that have been in my living room for 20 years ARE GONE! Now I have two ugly floral chairs. My dream is to get an Ikea sofa and chairs, slipcovered in white.

I'm mourning the days of yore, when blogs were fun and personal. There are only a couple I read now, and I'm using them as a means of escape. I remember about ten years ago, when a blogger turned on her camera every night in December, and you could watch her bake a batch of Christmas cookies. Such fun times.


Elizabeth said...

Oh great idea to decorate the empty house! I know you will be tired and wiped out after moving, but I'm still excited for you guys and hopefully you will document more on here of your move. I tried to do with our move, so I could look back later. I hear you with the more personal blogs. I think I only read yours, and two others at the moment. I'm trying to get back on mine more and more. I just did a post today! I was thinking about you guys this weekend and hoping that the packing was going smoothly for you.
Best of luck with your move this Friday!

Just Me said...

Tricia: Your blog is fun and personal and honest.

Your packing looks so organized and tidy.....mine looks like an explosion in a Good Will store.

I hope your get your Ikea sofa and chair soon. Had our chair for years (the only chair that both Eric and I find comfortable) and got the sofa this year. Put it in our tiny spare bedroom and we all (us and grandkids) cuddle up on comfortable.

I love your priorities~decorating for Christmas first...true Christmas spirit.

September said...

Blogs are so curious. I'm surprised anyone reads mine but it's just interesting to follow someone else's life.

Blogger said...
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