Thursday, December 10, 2015

As Exciting as it Gets.

Packing. More packing. Listing things on Craigslist, and getting ready for our garage sale on Saturday. How is it that despite getting rid of So Much Stuff, every move, I still have so much stuff? I wish I could get rid of everything I don't love, and purchase things I like. That's the down side of always buying second hand / garage sale. This cute little winter scene is from the Beehive. I will look at it and Pinterest to get my Christmas fix.

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September said...

Did you read The Magic Art of Tidying Up? I thinks that's what it is called. Best seller, little light blue book. It was a bit new agey at times but it really helped me deal with some of my clutter, especially clothing wise. She says the same thing you say - only have what brings you joy. As you get rid of everything that doesn't bring you joy you'll learn to shop differently too.