Tuesday, November 24, 2015

He's a Picky Eater. (When Real Food is Involved.)

I bought a jelly bean game called, Bean Boozled, for everyone to play on Thanksgiving. There is a spinner, indicating what color Jelly Belly you have to eat, which sounds innocent enough, except each color has two very different flavors. A brown bean could be chocolate or dog food. A yellowish green one, could be pear, or vomit, a green one could be green apple or booger. Oliver is REALLY excited about getting to play this with his cousins, in hopes that he will get the booger flavored beans, because "Boogers taste so delicious!" I try to tell him that eating his boogers is gross, but he says they're really good.

We had a freeze last night, so the kids were all excited about the ice on the fish pond. Oliver and Clay went outside and spent the better part of an hour breaking up the ice with sticks. I went outside to check on them and Oliver was sitting at the edge of the pond, and it looked like he was eating something. "Whatcha doing Oliver?" I asked. He replied, "Maemae, is it okay to eat the ice from the pond?" I told him no, that it was dirty water, and could make him sick, and asked if he'd eaten the ice. "No" replied quickly a guiltily. Clay quickly called him out on the lie, and Oliver fessed up, telling me that the ice tasted really good, and he really wanted to keep eating it.

I think some of his outdoor eating stems from his love of the show, "Krat brothers." This summer I caught him pulling leaves off of random trees and bushes, and eating them. I told him how dangerous that could be since some plants were poisonous. "But thats what the Krat Brothers do" was his reply, so I pointed him towards my basil plant and said he could eat from that anytime...which he does quite often.

The other evening after Brewier arrived home from Atlanta, he went downstairs to chat with Oliver. Oliver told Brewier that he had chocolate candy in his room and Brewier jokingly said, "Oh good, some candy for me". Oliver replied, "No, it's special candy for mom and me" to which Brewier said, "But, I'm special". Without hesitation Oliver looked at Brewier and said, "Not that special".

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