Thursday, October 29, 2015

What Do You Do?

As I've mentioned before, I never have a good answer for that question, so I'll tell you what I did today.

I woke up and five minutes later Oliver was upstairs asking if we could do crafts. I gathered leaves and we did leaf rubbings, then we went around the house doing rubbings of anything we found with texture.

I taught Oliver what the word texture meant.

I asked him to draw a pumpkin, but he wanted to draw a picture of me instead. Apparently he sees me as a happy, but crazed butternut squash.

I pulled out the paints, and Oliver painted a paper plate orange, to make a dream catcher. He used a lot of paint, so I knew it would take a couple of hours to dry. While we waited, we went outside to clean leaves out of the fish pond.

Once we took care of the leaves, we grabbed a bag and pruning shears, and walked up the mountain, looking for bittersweet, and pretty twigs to cut and bring home.

We stopped and talked to our neighbors yard man, about all the bears in the neighborhood, and how too many houses are being built.Oliver told him that we have bears in our yard, and his cousins were coming to visit him today.

Once we got inside the house, we saw that Olivers painting project was still wet, so we made brownies together. While those baked, Oliver helped me make beds and get the house picked up for Ray and Jessica's arrival, this included arranging our bittersweet in little bottles, to place around the house. I made a twinkle light arrangement with my finds. See Olivers sweet little reflection in the bottom of the mirror? He is always by my side.

Once dry, Oliver completed his dream catcher project, and hung it by the font door to greet his cousins.

Then we noticed that the front porch and walkway were covered with leaves, so we both got brooms and started sweeping. Once that was done Oliver suggested sweeping the deck so it would look nice for uncle Ray, and aunt Jessica.

After that, we got the skimmer and cleaned all the leaves out of the fish pond again. Oliver then decided he needed to clean up the, "yard," (more accurately the forest,) of fallen branches and rocks, so his cousins would trip on anything and get hurt. I hope he keeps this work ethic as he gets older.

Along with all of that was cooking, cleaning, and laundry, a trip to the grocery store and a drive by of a possible house to rent; a pretty typical day.

At 5:30 Jesica and the family arrived, and it's pretty much been a blur since then.


Vickie said...

What you "do" sounds pretty awesome and very blessed!

Just Me said...

I agree with Vickie...pretty awesome and very blessed. How wonderful for Oliver to have a sidekick who is so much fun and at the same time helping him find beauty in doing the everyday things of life. Wonderful uplifting post! Thank you for sharing.