Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Happiest Place on Earth.

Forget Disney World, for me it's in the woods, on a mountain. Today was what I consider perfect autumn weather. 62 degrees, no humidity, sunny with a cried out for a hike, so Brewier and I drove up the Blue Ridge Parkway, and hiked up to Rattlesnake Lodge.

While I've been absent from my blog, I've been busy with guests. My mom was here for a week, and her visit overlapped with my brother, Kens'. We were also treated to an evening spent with David, Renee, and Eva. Oh how I wish they would move back to NC.

My mom spent an entire morning, sitting with Oliver, watching back to back viewings of, "Journey to the Center of the Earth." he was SO happy, and all smiles, getting to snuggle her. After the movie, mom asked Oliver if he wanted to help her sweep the porch. He was thrilled to sweep, and when they were done, asked if he could do more chores. I need to take advantage of that while it lasts.

Ken likes hats, (I think it's genetic,) and purchased this one at the Grove Arcade.

I tried to explain to Oliver that this was a bee keepers hat, but he insisted it turned him into a ghost. He got under the hat and would make spooky ghost moves and noises, trying to scare me.

Ken was measured for custom sandals, I didn't even know we had a shop that did that.

At home, he modeled his latest purchase, lederhosen.

We celebrated Gavin's ninth birthday.

Gavin and Oliver had a blast playing together. despite the cooler temperatures, they played in the fish pond until their lips turned blue.

Oliver and Eva. She is such a sweet and lovely girl; I think Oliver has a bit of a crush on her.

I took my mom to the airport this morning, and my house is empty until Saturday, when Jessica, Ray and the kids arrive. I can hardly wait!!

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