Thursday, October 15, 2015

One of My Bad Habits

I know it's a bad habit, but I turn on Netflix to fall asleep. Without it, I lie awake, my brain racing, waiting and waiting for sleep. I've tried reading, but that doesn't really help. I just end up staying awake until the book is finished. For the past week, I've been watching a spanish drama on Netflix, called, "The Time in Between," and because it is subtitled, it's a kind of like reading to fall asleep, right? Whats funny, is I get sleepy and close my eyes, and even thought the characters are speaking in Spanish, I think I know what they are saying, when in reality, I'm just making up a story as I drift off.
Anyway, it's a good show, and I recommend it.

Today was another spectacular day. Brewier and I took advantage of it, and his unemployment, by hiking up to Craggy Gardens. It is wonderful living close to so many great hiking trails. This one ends on top of a mountain, at 5,630 feet. About the only thing growing at that altitude, is grass and rhododendrons.

Brewier is out getting the oil changed in my car. I asked him to take it to this local shop, because I like their sign. I thought about going in and asking if it would make my exhaust smell autumnal :)

Random shot of the Grove Arcade, because it's so beautiful there.

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