Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Let There Be Sunshine!

The rain is gone, and the sun is out. Our night time temperatures dip into the 50's. but during the day, it's close to 80 degrees out. Brewier and I took advantage of the nicer weather, to drive to the Biltmore without any kids. We walked around the house and gardens, and found out that come February, there will be a display of movie wedding dresses at the house. The guide told us that the Inn at Biltmore had the wedding dress from, "Out of Africa",(one of my favorite movies,) already on display. We drove through the grounds, saw the French Broad River overflowing it's banks and covering many of the bike paths, and up to the Inn. I can't believe we've never visited it before; it's quite beautiful. There is a library lounge, with intimate seating, and views of the mountains, and an downstairs dining room. The entire lobby invites you to take a seat and get cozy. After viewing the wedding dress, we walked outside to the patio, which has a great view of the winery. Brewier and I agree, that it's a place we want to visit again.

And, Kristen J, thank you so much for your encouraging comment, it really means a lot to me.


Just Me said...

This is so beautiful Isn't it wonderful to have these special places to visit and get a brief 'distance' from the ups and downs of life?

Thank you so much for sharing.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for sharing such beautiful photos of your area! Breathtaking!
I hope like always things start to fall back into place for your family again. I think about you often and say a little prayer for you. Chin up girl....you will be fine. I always tell myself, "This isn't how the story ends."

Vickie said...

Wow beautiful place! Love the dress. Praying for you!

September said...

Meryl looks amazing in the dress...it's amazing how a woman's body fills it out so much better than a mannequin.
I always enjoy your posts :) You live in a fabulous place. Hope you find a new place soon!